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Internet Actor's Database does a lot, but to put it bluntly - we specialize in building websites for performers. These websites may not be for everyone, but if you are a performer such as: actor, comedian, model, magician, puppeteer - you name it, this may be for you. Take a look at these few samples to get an idea of how your website would look like. Best of all - you can get it for as low as $5 per month.

Actor Websites - Websites for Professionals ____ ACTOR


You won't believe how awesome these are. What you get when you register is a full website dedicated to you that you can put on your resume or business cards.

Actor Tools - Usefull Tools for Working Professionals ____ AMAZINGLY USEFUL


We are talking state of the art tools that let you take control, while requiring as little work from you as humanly possible. Our software works for you.

Tools for Producers and Directors - Manage Your Products ____ TOOLS FOR


Are you a film producer or director? Are you in charge of a film project and need help managing it? Our tool will do the hard work for you. Coming in May 2014.



    Actor Profile

    Can't afford a website? Why not take advantage of a free actor profile? You can add your information, photos and videos and you will be immediately visible to people searching this website for actors. Read More...

    Actor Website

    You can get a website like this for as little as $5 per month. It is not a profile page - it is your own website dedicated to you, your portfolio, experience, skills and so on. Get yours today. Read More...

    Content Management

    This allows you to edit your actor website with ease. We have put a lot of time and effort into this to make sure that everything is very simple. To see it in action take a look at some training videos. Read More...



Greatest thing about picking the right website layout is that you don't need to do it. Imagine having a website that mainly advertises your next event. That's all fine, but once the event is over, what then? Switching out website layouts and content is not cheap, but with IADB - it's as easy as a click of a button. Click here to see the which actor website layouts will be built next. Vote on your favorite one. You decide which layouts get built first! Each website comes with tools specifically designed for actors.

  • Tabbed Simplicity Template Tabbed Simplicity Template
    Tabbed Simplicity Template

    52 Votes Received

    This template is very clean and offers multiple animations with big name font and medium image. Highly recommended.

  • Slider Metro Template Slider Metro Template
    Slider Metro Template

    41 Votes Received

    This template would require users to have large images. It also uses animations and metro-styled navigation.

  • One Page Top Bar Template One Page Top Bar Template
    One Page Top Bar Template

    35 Votes Received

    This one is very simple, but also very clean. Navigate with icons in the header that show tooltips when hovered upon.

behind the scenes


"IADB.com provides a great service to actors by offering inexpensive websites tailored specifically for actor's needs. Obviously, these websites are not for everyone, and that's the point, but users should not be limited to only actors. Pretty much anyone who needs a good portfolio could benefit from this service. Other professionals, who could just as easily benefit from such websites, include dancers, models, musicians, stand-up comedians, you name it. And we are not done yet. We want our clients to benefit from this website as much as possible."
Tomasz Mieczkowski - Lead Developer



We offer three types of services, ergo three distinct prices, including a free actor portfolio option. Please take a look below for more details.

Website Previews

  • Plan 1: Free actor profiles Free actor profiles

    Free Plan


    Actor Profile only.
    Shown in search.
    Limited images.
    No tools.
    Limited support.
    No ads.

  • Plan 2: Monthly billed actor websites Monthly billed actor websites

    Monthly Plan

    $8 per month

    All available templates.
    Featured in search.
    Unlimited images.
    Unlimited multimedia.
    Actor tools.
    Email support.

  • Plan 3: Annually billed actor websites

    Annual Plan

    $60 per year

    Best Offer: Save over 35% Same as monthly plan,
    but if you look at monthly cost,
    it only ends up being
    $5 per month!
    Save $36 a year!
    Promotional Value!

client testimonials


"Unbelievable! I just got an email from you guys telling me that there's an option for me to keep the website up for as little as $5 a month. How do you guys do that. I mean - it's amazing! I already sent you a feedback on the improvement and I will write an article tonight or tomorrow morning. You guys rock! Too bad I haven't found you guys sooner than that. THANKS!!!"
Darryl Tusa



Greatest thing about picking the right website layout is that you don't need to do it. Imagine having a website that mainly advertises your next event. That's all fine, but once the event is over, what then?
Switching out website layouts and content is not cheap, but with IADB - it's as easy as a click of a button. Hard to believe? Check out this video:

  • IADB Videos

    Actor Hunter

    Actor Hunter is the child domain of IADB. If you ever see the reference to Actor Hunter, I hope you won't be too confused by it. Actor Hunter is IADB. We will try to remove any references to it with time, but if you see any left-over videos or social media posts, do not be turned away by it.
  • IADB Videos

    IADB Trailer

    Here is our first video commercial. Built in After Affects by yours truly with music and sound design by talented Dara Taylor (link to Dara's website over the image). And here is the script: =============================== In a world, Where actors rely on the internet to promote themselves, Where the word "poke" has multiple meanings And "tweeting" is not the sound you hear outside your window. There is a place that will host your professional website. IADB.COM =============================== If you pay attention to the music as the images are being shown on screen, you can hear the echo of the phrase "IADB" repeated a few times. Subliminal messaging? Not really, we just thought it sounded cool. :) We hope you like it.
  • IADB Tutorials

    IADB Tutorial - Profile - Employment

    This quick video will show you how easy it is to populate the employment information on your website. Add your current or prior employment information along with years worked and description of duties performed. This information will be listed on your website and usable for Resume Builder tool.



Here are few random excerpts from our blog. We offer some ideas and advice for actors, discuss IADB progress and possibilities, announce featured events and more.

  • Benefits of Actor Website

    Better Actor Portfolios

    Each actor website that is offered by IADB comes with a dedicated page or section for your portfolio. Show off your skills in style. You can pick the design that suits you best and just add your pho...
  • Benefits of Actor Website

    Statistical Data

    You probably heard many time people talking about statistical data of a website, page analysis, user agents or other technical terms that you may not be very familiar with. No worries - we won't bore...
  • Benefits of Actor Website

    Connect with Other Users

    One of the features that actors with website plan have and actors with profile plan do not is the ability to communicate with other users. Whether the user is a producer for your next film, or your c...
All actor websites are built with HTML5 and CSS3 technology



Amazing tools built specifically for actors and performers.
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Incredible tools for managing current and past projects!
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