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Internet Actor's Database does a lot, but to put it bluntly - we specialize in building websites for performers. These websites may not be for everyone, but if you are a performer such as: actor, comedian, model, magician, puppeteer - you name it, this may be for you. Take a look at these few samples to get an idea of how your website would look like. Best of all - you can get it for as low as $10 per month.

Actor Websites - Websites for Professionals ____ ACTOR


You won't believe how awesome these are. What you get when you register is a full website dedicated to you that you can put on your resume or business cards.

Actor Tools - Usefull Tools for Working Professionals ____ AMAZINGLY USEFUL


We are talking state of the art tools that let you take control, while requiring as little work from you as humanly possible. Our software works for you.

Tools for Producers and Directors - Manage Your Products ____ FAST & RELIABLE


We will get your actor website online within 24 hours. We will help you connect your domain name and make sure that you get the most out of all of our services.


what you get


    Actor Profile

    With each website you will receive a free actor profile. You can add your information, photos and videos and you will be immediately visible to people searching this website for actors. Read More...

    Actor Website

    You can get a website like this for as little as $10 per month. It is not just a profile page - it is your own website dedicated to you, your portfolio, experience, skills and so on. Get yours today. Read More...

    Content Management

    This allows you to edit your actor website with ease. We have put a lot of time and effort into this to make sure that everything is very simple. To see it in action take a look at some training videos. Read More...

actor website templates


Greatest thing about picking the right website layout is that you don't need to do it. Imagine having a website that mainly advertises your next event. That's all fine, but once the event is over, what then? Switching out website layouts and content is not cheap, but with IADB - it's as easy as a click of a button. Click here to see the which actor website layouts will be built next. Vote on your favorite one. You decide which layouts get built first! Each website comes with tools specifically designed for actors.

client testimonials


"Thank you Find Your Net. This is just what I needed. I am the only one running my company and this tool really helps me get everything up and operating flawlessly. I'm very grateful for your help and for setting everything up for me. All the instructions you have sent me were very clear and easy to complete. I'm glad that I found you guys right away."
• • • Allan Gabrielson • • • •  more client testimonials  •

actor website prices


You won't find websites of this quality anywhere for this price!


Website Previews

  • Plan 2: Monthly billed actor websites Monthly billed actor websites

    Monthly Plan

    $16 per month

    First month FREE!
    All available templates.
    Featured in search.
    Unlimited images.
    Unlimited multimedia.
    Actor tools.
    Email support.

  • Plan 3: Annually billed actor websites

    Annual Plan

    $120 per year

    Best Offer: Save over 35% First month FREE!
    Same as monthly plan,
    but if you look at monthly cost,
    it only ends up being
    $10 per month!
    Save $72 a year!
    Promotional Value!

  • Plan 1: Free actor profiles Free actor profiles

    Project Plan

    $100 per site

    Full website.
    Featured video.
    On location media.
    List entire cast.
    Crowdsourcing tools.
    Share options.
    Clean contact form.

deals & recommendations


Here at IADB we prescreen and pick out the best software, services and deals for all actors. We pride ourselves in finding software that is useful, services that are invaluable and deals that are lowest priced on the market. Take a look at these selections below. We guarantee that you will LOVE IT.

  • Stage 32

    Stage 32

    Social Networking

    "Stage 32 is Facebook meets LinkedIn for film, television and theater creatives." - Yahoo! Entertainment. Quarter million members and growing!

  • Featured Photographer
    The Headshot Truck photographers,Los-Angeles

    The Headshot Truck


    LA Magazine called The Headshot Truck "the most LA thing to happen to LA". Come be "so LA" while you get your headshots taken on our...

  • Headshot Retouching

    Headshot Retouching

    Photo Retouch

    A good photographer can make you look good. A good retouching can make you look great. Your headshot is an extension of yourself -- and...

behind the scenes


"IADB.com provides a great service to actors by offering inexpensive websites tailored specifically for actor's needs. Obviously, these websites are not for everyone, and that's the point, but users should not be limited to only actors. Pretty much anyone who needs a good portfolio could benefit from this service. Other professionals, who could just as easily benefit from such websites, include dancers, models, musicians, stand-up comedians, you name it. And we are not done yet. We want our clients to benefit from this website as much as possible."
Tomasz Mieczkowski - Lead Developer

what's new with actor websites


We are constantly upgrading our system and improving our system. If you have any recommendations for improvement, do let us know.

  •  Template Updates
    • Admin Adjustments
    • Global Settings
    • Website Algorithms
    • Image Categories
    • Admin Image Cropping

  •  Template Templates
    • Sidebared One Pager
    • Bannered Flat
    • One Page Top Bar
    • Slider Metro
    • Tabbed Simplicity

  •  Template Recommendations
    • Stage 32 - Free Accounts
    • Headshot Retouching
    • True Headshots
    • Johnny Shot Digital

All actor websites are built with HTML5 and CSS3 technology



Amazing tools built specifically for actors and performers. Register today to see what you have been missing out on! Get an amazing actor website. Not ready for a website yet? Get a free actor profile. With an actor website you will also receive additional incredible tools for managing current and past projects! The only question left is what are you waiting for?

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